High Dividend Stock – Easy Ways to Understand


What is a high dividend stock?

High dividend stocks strategy is a great investment strategy for investors. By using high dividend stocks in your investment portfolio, you can get a higher dividend yield and this yield can be reinvested. This process repeats itself for as long as you own the stocks. The strategy will greatly increase your returns on these investments. A yield of five percent or higher over a period of twelve months will definitely be in demand by investors. So the high dividend stocks can be a great investment because the dividend are not dependent on the earnings of a company and based on the cash flow of the company.

Importance of high dividend stocks –

High dividend tocks are more stable so that many investors have these stocks in their portfolio. These stocks are a wise choice of investors. They can enjoy the price appreciation along with the income that is offered by the dividend, and also reinvest the dividend very easily. If we see in the history we will find that, from 1935 to 2007, over 40% of the total return from the S&P 500 came from reinvested dividends.

These stocks are also beneficial for those who have retired or someone who is looking for a source for income, then high dividend stocks can constitute a significant portion of your portfolio. These stocks will give you a great stability and also provide the income during the market downturns. Best dividend stocks are also beneficial from the tax treatment because they are not taxed on the basis of ordinary income. These stocks usually give a better yield and return than certificated of deposit or a money market account, and also help to make your portfolio much stronger.

Things to consider before investing in high dividend stocks –

Before investing in high dividend stocks you should know all the things about these kinds of stocks. When you are going to invest in these stocks, you should see all the dividend history or the stock price history over the last twenty-thirty years. Invest only those stocks that have a history of increasing dividends so you may be insure that these stocks can be used in your investment portfolio.

Always analyze your investing preferences and portfolio needs. Stock screeners can help you to determine which stocks work well for you. Your own research and look at the current high dividend stock list. The right choice will help you in selecting a quality best dividend stock that will surely make you rich over an extended time period.

Looking for dividend yield –

When investors are considering investment in high dividend stocks they should know that if the stock price drops and the dividend remains constant, the dividend yield will raise and if the stock price is dropping due to serious concerns over the company, then the company me not afford to continue its dividend payment.

Summary –

The strategy of buying high dividend stocks has made the most sense for investors with low tax rates or for investments that are tax exempt such as pension funds. This is a most attractive strategy with the tax law change for investors.  If you adopt this strategy you should screen best dividend paying stocks for sustainability and reasonable earnings growth. The stocks that pay high dividends, offer an unbeatable combination of consistent dividends and potential appreciation.

Hope that this will be helpful for you. Tomorrow we will be picking up dividend paying stocks.

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